Thursday, April 3, 2008

happy birthday, Michael!

best DaGa these guys could
ever have growing up.!


  1. now those are some CUTE kids!! & thanks so much, dear girl, for your kind words and the LINK!! that is so incredibly great! i really count you as one of my FAV artists. and am planning to highlight you soon on the blog. i promised myself that i would only link to those who REALLY "bling me" and your art does that and more. so, again, my sincere go create something!! xoxo

  2. thanks, guys! :). they are the cutest to me. Wendy, you always say the nicest things!!

  3. mien: would like to highlight your blog for a post in the next week or so. is there a favorite piece that i can show off of yours on my blog?? your choice.....if, of course, this is acceptable to YOU!! trying to get the owrd out about talent!! let me know! cheers and have a happy week....filled with successes on the press!! ox