Thursday, June 19, 2008


oil & mixed media on masonite board, 34.3 x 132 cm (+ 5 cm relief surface), 2002

An old painting, very heavy. I feel like this now, buried sort of feeling, but not death, more like seeding, if that is the right word.


  1. I absolutely adore your work. Your dried things. Your wrapped things. Amazing stuff. May I post your blog on my blog as a link? Thanks.

  2. i feel glow...the reflective light of something Power--setting over the unlit (resting) earth; and a window in which breath opens into the virginal (available for anything) cool white (yet to be).


  3. I love this painting Mien.

  4. Mein, you sound as though you don't like this painting or feel like it's not finished? Or, is it not saying what you want it to?
    It is a very compelling piece as much of your work is.

  5. Oh, so pleased I found you through Kate!
    Mien your work is inspiring.
    Thank you.

  6. Oh no. It feels like BIRTH to me. The warm enclosed red darkness, the window of the world, the light, beckoning me. The seeding feels like a beginning to me. Very very moving.


  7. heavydamp
    thuddering in growth
    paused, patient, pensive:
    at the window

  8. I love the heft of this, Mien. So richly heavycloud that's looking out.

    The deathfeel you talk about comes from the soil of it, that musty red humus dark.

    Reminds that death's there, yes, it lurks at the fear-edge---but look: the deep ochre strength of life that grows back out of it.

  9. changing morphing anticpation tensed for the growth ahead aching? that spot inside pulsing out the pause between tides.

    I am home. Unpacking and making room for my new ideas before I write about them.

  10. Hey busy girl! Looks like someone has been in her studio while I've been away from the internet. Lovely stuff. It's good to see some art after weeks of very immediate, bodily concerns. I think you would like the giant tree-trunk mortars and pestles here. There is a kind of dance people do while pounding yam, cassava, shea nuts, etc. I've seen 4 people with 5-foot pestles pounding in one mortar in an intriguing rhythm!

  11. Paula, the painting is completed. can't decide if i like it or not though. i was just connecting that painting with what i was feeling at the time. (sorry to be responding so late. i keep thinking i am going to put up a new post...and still another day delay again. so tired...)

    more soon!

  12. Well, I think you can tell from the comment-fest that we like it, at any rate.

    Rest up, sis! Life's too short to spend it all sleepy.

  13. I like!
    the red
    the panorama

  14. A sombre landscape, with a sky that’s burned out and a window the threshold to another world. I imagine your seeds being blown right through the window frame and taking hold in moist earth. Promises. Opportunities. Growth. All for you. In you. In your artwork. Your confidence.