Tuesday, June 10, 2008

one beginning

etching, mezzotint, drypoint & chine colle on hahnemuhle printmaking paper, image size 9.5 x 9.5 cm

My first signed print in 9 years. blah blah blah. i finally got one decent wiping of the plate. Feels like i'm just starting over again, not yet picking up where i left off. Totally not like riding a bike.

I'm wishing for magic with these:

and i need to go on my trails.


  1. hi chuver dajo. I think about Giant and your apt all the time. I want a fish tank too. That japanese restaurant wasn't bad but next time im not getting the deluxe. I think you guys could use a roomate. trust me, it would be good for all three of us.

  2. these are beginning agains, good.
    I like them, that dark blob the faint lines.
    Keep going they will meet you again somewhere later.
    gotta go. will comeback again when I'm home.
    thanks for the quick sweet notes.

  3. Mien , these are amazing, I'm thinking about going into the city, today, wish you were there:) Um, anonymous, can I be the fourth roommate?

  4. am i just in a terribly violent mood this morning? i'm seeing a stick of dynamite falling off cliff and a bomb next to it. at least they're cartoony looking explosives and neither are lit...


  5. lovely and poetic..im learning etching now.I'm such a beginner but getting to find it fascinating.

  6. the shot with the two prints:
    I like the idea of twigs as a structure of the left paper....
    I like the deep structure surrounding the "blob" on the second print! And this "blob" still has to go somewhere.....
    I'm curious!!! Go on!

  7. oh, there's magic, alright. still got that scruff-edge crisp and crackle. quiet, rainwhite coldmornings, you really know how to 撕.

  8. Hmm..yes I know that feeling. I hope it passes for you soon.
    I do love that blob thought, I think it has potential

  9. Chuver, i think urjei could use a roommate too. let's go visit her next month. she got a big pool you'll like. better than the fish tank i bet.

    dear Erin, so good to see you here while you're away. wondering what you're doing right now. i keep checking your blog to see if you're back yet or not, even though i know it's not quite 2 weeks yet.

    A, don't be crazy with my crazy cousin. my place is a mess. i wish i went home last weekend. would have been so good to hang out with you and see some art.

    Cat, you're a dynamite. i can't believe you'll be taking off again. wasn't it just yesterday you got back from Dominica? aii. no fun.

    Yasu, i bet you'll be making many great etchings, if you haven't already. your drawings have an etching quality about them.

    thanks for the encouragement, sweet Uschi. i'm still kinda stuck but something is brewing somewhere (i hope).
    hey how come everyone is calling it a blob? it's actually a silhouette of my favorite dried gourd. :].

    thanks, Conor. rainwhite coldmornings, so lovely. :)). your tamarind has been on my mind lately. hope you've been eating well.

    dear Carson, thank you for your comment today. i really needed that final nudge to get back on track here...

  10. I feel like this everytime I go into the print studio - need to get back on the bike again and start peddling! Love your choice of paper/colours etc.

  11. you, my dear, are an amzing artist. wished you lived closer! i would perch on your shoulder and learn a thing or two!!oxxoxoxo