Wednesday, January 7, 2009

late beginnings

Early last September, dear wonderful Barbara gave me a dozen eggs fresh from her chickens at home. Sam I Am lays the green eggs. I love all of them so and tried to save the eggshells. Their colors and shapes are so pretty to look at, even the broken ones...

I tried wrapping one of the eggshells but it did not turn out right at all. Felt like i was suffocating it. They are beautiful naked as is, aren't they?

Today i meet again the guy who reminds me of K. It's been years. Did not recognize him at first but his voice sounded familiar, only louder than what i remembered. He looked changed and not so much like K anymore.

It was good to be home for the holidays and be with the family even though i kept telling people how exhausting it was. My cousins are more and more heroic to me. I wish for more time together with them and my sisters. Soygu looking younger with Sharrlyn and my parents have stopped aging. Called home after driving back late Friday night to let them know we've arrived safely, and i could hear the noise and chatter in the background. Next morning, i woke up thinking of everyone and feeling so lonely. I especially miss my sisters and cousins. Don't want them to ever grow old.


  1. your post and these lovely organic photos have such a poignancy. sweet. ox

  2. your soft colours and thoughts are beautiful, Mien.
    May your year be a good one!
    Years ago I got my eggs from the hens of a neighbour and they also had this beautiful soft green shade.
    I couldn't through them away, they had wreckles over and over...they layed around here and there and finally I simply put them onto a string like a mobilé...
    Nature's beauty is one of the things, you can safely lean on at everytime :)

  3. They're beautiful, Mien.

  4. Happy New Year to you, Mien! How fitting to start the year with eggs, even if it’s just their (rather gorgeously shaded) shells. I esp. liked the necklace of eggshells in the last image, with one seemingly having a mouth gaping open, with shadow within. Reminded me of your clay-beings…
    Re: The guy who used to remind you of K. – maybe it’s not only that he has changed, but the way you remember and think of K. might be changing too.
    How lovely that your parents didn’t seem to have aged since you saw them last. Funnily enough I thought the same of my mom when I saw her at Xmas. If only it stayed like that. And so touched by you wishing that your sisters and cousins will never age.
    I’m off counting my grey hairs. Nice to be back in blogland and to see you back too!

  5. Mien, here's to the best this year can bring!
    Eggs...all good.
    I like thier shadows too.

  6. Anthony: "Ooh, that looks nice!"

  7. What a lovely post this is. And the way you have photographed the eggshells is so amazing, soft and clear at the same time. Roxanne

  8. i love the circle of these circle hearted circles... even the broken ones... the variety of colors, and texutres and size

    it is perfect metaphor for the world soul, an us, a we.

  9. oh my god mien what a beautiful works. i absolutly love it!

  10. i miss your incomparable family, too---it's been too long without seeing them. time's a-passing.

    kurt vonnegut (big red '44), then: so much said in one little phase regarding human time: "so it goes."

    egg-tastic new year!

    so clever and heartful to see what not to wrap...

    and, by the way:

    how fun is that?