Saturday, April 18, 2009


sleeping heads, on plane to Hawaii 3.31.09, pen drawing in sketchbook,19 x 25cm

Also, overheard on the plane ride:

Little boy who eats nonstop with his mother:
When are we going to blast off?

Minutes later, we hear two other kids up front counting down to blast off as the plane is taking off.

Same two kids, as the beverage cart starts to come down the aisle -

Little girl: I want juice.
Little boy: I want coffee.
Little girl cracks up and then: I want BEER.

ahhaha. makes me think of Ting and Baby. I wish i knew to jot down their dialogues then.

Happy to be back. Finally cleaned up my studio and ready to continue with some works. A sketch done shortly before i left:

pink underwear, pencil and acrylic wash in sketchbook


  1. Lovely capturing/jottings/sketch and memories of your journey! Welcome back

  2. I love it mien, especially those pink undies, hmm that sketch looks familiar:)

  3. . . .that bottom sketch, a bit mysterious, remnant of a delicate archeological dig.
    From the smaller image the ruffles read of fractured bone just beneath the pink clay.

    If you don't get around to answering the tag it's fine of course, just glad to see you back and know you are in the studio.

  4. love the dialogue
    and also how the drawing seems a tender dialogue too--both are elegant; gentled into being somehow.

    the bottom one is of some emergings, as if the "underwear" evokes the inner wonderings of the absent consciousness (in all the power of what happens in the under, the inner, the birthings and the cravings of our being.

    a beautiful intelligence.

  5. your work is such a pleasure to behold. always.................oxox

  6. happy your back these sketches...

  7. Love the drawing of sleeping passengers - there's something so intimate in an image of somebody who's got his/her eyes closed. The looseness of your lines and the half-sketched faces work really well. Reminds me too of your beautiful drawings of your sister. And those undies, their lines emerging from those fleshy tones, strangely sad, and I don't know why.

  8. I love the pen drawing, a beautiful capture. Kids' conversation are fascinating aren't they?

  9. Those pictures really impress me :)) I have different visions for the life and I think that with the artist talk on the same language :))

  10. My favourite quote heard on a plane... from a child sitting way up the back with his dad... said just as the plane began it's (very normal) decent... "We're going down! We're going down!"

    Beautiful to visit your blog as always Mien!

  11. Aww, I love ur story!! ^ _ ^
    Yaay, Hawaiiiii!

  12. I love the delicate,thoughtful nature of your art and creative process..translates to everything you make..simply lovely