Tuesday, December 15, 2009

monna's hair

Ting yelled at me for my last post. i sheepishly felt loved again. A couple months ago, while getting my studio space in order, i came upon a newspaper bundle. I opened it and saw two ponytails of Ting's hair. scared the heck out of me. Quickly remembered that i had found it at home last year and secretly took it back with me. Isn't it so beautiful? i am torn about returning it (so it can be donated as it was intended years ago) or keeping it for myself...

So i've been taking it easy with studio work. making more wimpy starts and not finishing much still. I don't like it at all. I decided i need to treat this whole process as work that i have to do regardless if i feel like it or not. EveryDay. well, except for Mondays, cuz the full-day studio weekends are more exhausting than day job work and i'll definitely need a break in the evening. and Thursday evenings cuz we have to watch Survivor (and a movie). And probably Fridays since that is usually our clean-up day. Well. that aint so bad, is it?

Tea time!

pencil and acrylic on paper, 12.7 x 10.2 cm

A drawing done earlier this month. One thing i'm happy with that came out from these few weeks of take-it-easy studio time. But i know i can do more so i will I Will.


  1. Yay, another post from you :-)!!!! The hair is a bit freaky, a bit disembodied, just chopped off like that.

  2. I love your work and am really glad to see you posting again. I haven't posted on my site for a while either and have half finished projects in my head and around too! The chores do get in the way - we should have a cleaning fairy to help - and some days it all does seem to get too much but I guess we just carry on. Love the teapot drawing.
    Take care

  3. Hi Mien...I like seeing the ponytails. Not scary at all...quite beautiful really.
    Nice to see you blogging again...

  4. I like Jo think the hair beautiful - it seems to have a story attached to it! Not scary but curious! and the drawing of the teapot is similiar - delicate, beautiful and a story here too!

  5. I'm so glad you're in your studio and working. Those ponytails would make good material for a project. Another weeping spoon perhaps? Making certainly feels like work sometimes, I have to revamp the large Tangle sculpture after the base endured some damage and later it fell in my studio. It involves taking it apart polishing out scratches of each side of the 24 sheets and reassembling it with new string and then remaking the base from scratch. It's a at least a week's worth of work to basically remake the same sculpture. Yergh.

    Anyhow, keep at it and there'll be something to keep you excited. That teapot drawing has a fullness it's just waiting to pour out.

    If you think you might like some more gourds I have a few I'd send you.

  6. The teapot drawing is very strong, I love it's snub-nosed little spout.

  7. I just happened upon your blog...your work is really beautiful, memorable. I don't think you should worry much...half finished pieces, starts, or just percolating...it happens to all of us. Sometimes we just need to do the other things that fill us with the need to create...reading, spending time with Gaia, with friends, gardening, playing...art dates are good...sometimes our muse is simply on vacation...

    ...on the other hand I have art friends who say they work in the studio every day, no matter what...inspired or not...it's all about the getting in there and doing...

    I'll be back...the paper bowls with the paper strips are lovely..complete in their own way, and the spoons, can't wait to see more.
    hug, hug

  8. Don't encourage her people! That's MY cousin's hair.

    Dajo can you kindly replace that picture ok sank you.

  9. I agree with Julie's comments. I too just ran across your blog. You've got some fantastic ideas and pieces. I like that you write about your life and how it interweaves with your art. I'm trying to get back into doing my artwork after years of stopping and starting. I'm trying to do a little - sometimes every night and sometimes weekly. Thanks for inspiring!

  10. Hello redredday I'm back again at lasuza. Happy new yer

  11. Push push push.

    Go easy on yourself: just show up to your work and play.

    Everything we see from you shows that spirit, I think.