Monday, January 16, 2012


paper, eggshell pieces, work in progress

Happy new year, everyone! I didn't mean to be away so long...thank you to those who are still checking up on me. You guys are plain awesome :).

Sometimes i wish i had started this blog anonymously so i can feel more free to share whatever is on my mind. There is something i've been wanting the whole world to know but waiting for it to feel more real and to be showing more...I'm going to have a baby, you guys! AND so is my sister!! we are due within a week from one another. what are the chances of that?? Our babies will be like twin cousins. double joy yeah! :)). One of the happiest moments of my life when i found out.

The first three months have passed by sooo slowly. Aside from making it to work during the day, i was pretty much useless the rest of time. Just ate and laid around like a lazy princess, occasionally yelling at John for something or another. heh. poor guy. That's what guys get for not being the one to get pregnant. I don't know how my mom managed to go through all three times with us when she was throwing up constantly. she couldn't even drink water without puking. Man i only threw up once every week or two, and that was bad enough for me to think I am definitely not going through this again...

oh But then my stomach got hard, the nausea went away and i'm feeling this crazy little lump protruding at the lower ab out of nowhere. (Beginning of second trimester.) It was such a creepy feeling. like some alien thing inside me. Doctor said it was baby's leg or foot. It's strange but i found myself falling in love with that leg thing.

And now the days and weeks are going by way too fast. I can barely believe that it's only 3 more months to go! I'm so annoyed i didn't get a chance to take a picture of my belly a few weeks ago when it was like a little watermelon. Now it is a lot rounder and not as cute anymore.

Back in college, one of the themes i was kind of obsessed in exploring was the pregnant body. Made some prints and sculptures of it. But now that i'm actually in this body, i have barely documented anything of it. Hopefully, in the next couple of months, i'll have something more to show...