Monday, June 25, 2007

polka dots and nipples

pencil and oil on wood panel, detail of the panel for June letters [work in progress]

Okay, i have to put off writing about those 3-d sketches i had been posting up lately. It is just looking too bland here when in real life my head is just spinning with colors.

Above is the new panel i painted for the June letters which i think is going to be repainted again because i'm just not too crazy about how it will go with them newly painted blue-grey letters here...

It's a vicious cycle with this painting and repainting when i don't have the letters together on the panel to compare and contrast. Got to just hammer down the letters onto the board once everything is dry and get going.

And at the exact moment while i was thinking about this today, look what caught my attention:

I saw it on the ground out of nowhere on my way home. Is it a sign or what? same color as the painting that i was just thinking to repaint!

It happened to be dead, which saved me from agonizing over whether to take it home with me or not just so i can take a picture of it. (I am also starting a bug collection, by the way.) It is now sitting on top of one of my gessoed papier mache bowls.


  1. mmh, I love, how this panel currently looks....Can't you take another "background" for the letters? Would be a shame to repaint it......

  2. A BUG COLLECTION? that is so gross. i actually flinched a little when i saw the ladybug.

    hey! this reminds me. do you remember that time you THREW DEAD BUGS ON ME?

  3. Love bugs - love your blog :)

  4. hi Feltbug! i'm loving your felt work and drawings shown on Flickr. hope to see more of your work on your blog.

    Uschi, the ladybug is telling me the same thing...i will see if there is a better sized panel since the letters aren't really fitting exactly as i wanted them to on this one anyway...we'll see...

    TingDong, it is so much smaller and cuter than you, why would you flinch? and i never threw anything at you, was just stretching my arm and then you reacted strangely.

  5. Wow, this is cool, adding a bug to your artwork! I love mixed media.

    And the Polka Dots and Nipples.. I love the vibrant red-orange! And circles, I noticed that I like circles. (I put up some small circular mirrors up by the dresser, I'll show u a pic, maybe on a Flickr acct, huh??)

    Lol, I'm reading your comments now. You threw dead bugs on someone?? (your sis?) That's sooo MEEAAN! (I can c people pronouncing your name as Mean, instead of [sweet] Me-N, has anyone?)

  6. great. thanks a lot, Grace. giving people such grand ideas. of course, no one has! but now i'm sure to get some very undeserving name-calling... :|. hmph.

    BUT, YES, post pictures on flickr!!! you'll be so hooked! we could start some kind of circle-pictures group, too. i wanna see your circle mirrors.