Wednesday, August 15, 2007

not much

I wish there was more to show for the current state of the June letters but as it is, there just isn't much yet.

It looks like i probably won't even incorporate the letters themselves. at least not on this panel. I am painting the words right onto the wooden panel instead of hammering the cut-out letters onto it as originally planned.

The letters* went through several stages, creating new canvases in the process of it:

The panel above is this new [unfinished] painting below--

[previous post of a detail image of this]

These became the pink series. I thought the letters could work being separated on a series of mini panels but doing so broke up the words into just meaningless letters.

Below, i was feeling so giddy, thinking these are the colors and this would be the final stage. All the letters fit on the panel perfectly, leaving out just the question mark...

But the words are just on the surface and they need to be etched deeper somehow.

*These letters came from a line in one of John Keats' poems, To the Ladies Who Saw Me Crown'd:

Or June that breathes out life for butterflies?


  1. Looks good - I love the words and the colours!

  2. hi chuver dajo....called you the other day when i was super bored at your house cuz ding dong was asleep.

    We were going to go with the france cousins to manhattan but ding dong couldn't wake up. So I stayed with her and waited for her to wake up but she woke up at like 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Then I got too tired of waiting and went to sleep. Then she woke up and her friends came over. Then I woke up and she left. chuver dumb.

  3. i like. it's like poetry on canvas.

  4. Hi Di and Grace! Mien can't reply to the comments because she is on a mini-vacation.

    Di- Thanks for the kind words. I'm sure Mien feels the same way about the colours and the words.

    Grace- I agree. I like poetry too. The canvas is also very nice.

  5. uh...thanks for subbing, crazy cousin. Di and Grace, please don't mind him. he's a nuthead.

    but so good to be spending part of this 'mini-vacation' with you, chuver one!
    Grace, i get to see you sooon!!! yay!

  6. Haha, I can't wait to c u and your crazy cousin and company!

  7. It's nice you have the blog to record your process with the letters through time - and to see what finally comes out of it all (like maybe they will keep bringing you to produce other pieces that in the end don't incorporate the letters, but the letters still remain like the instigators behind it all).

  8. wow...
    this GIVES me the butterflies! i love this whole concept, the colors, everything. <3.

  9. Grace, was so goood to see you! wish we had more time... :\.

    Anne-Laure, yes, that is what i am starting to see the letters as. will still continue to find a way to incorporate the letters somewhere somehow.

    Thanks, Jenny! i am loving the new stuff you are posting up on your blog, especially your thread drawing and watercolor postcards!

  10. I 2nd your emotions. ^_^
    Much <3 !