Tuesday, June 3, 2008

i think i'm going somewhere with this

an old print torn to strips

So this weekend i have started printing again. Took out some old plates from college years and also some more recent ones that i started last year a couple of years ago. Look how neat my table is. No nasty hair.


Cat, your hair is everywhere here.

And this print i thought was horrible is okay after all...


  1. hoolalaa, I love the creative tohuwabohu on your table!!
    And I like your print, too, definitely!

  2. miss your place chuver much.

  3. Very interesting little prints!

  4. Just goes to show maybe hmm, i should look at some of my old work... oh, how good are those prints, delicious mien, and the hair, i hope u kept it all

  5. i wonder if there's more hair at ur place or on my floor! evidently, i shed a lot more in the summer than i normally do. gross!


  6. Love, love, love it! Oooh, I'm so envious! I will not be able to do any printmaking until this fall AFTER some work on the house is completed.
    Are you going to edition this one? Or, is this just a proof?

  7. i love that torn print in the glass, it is wonderful! what should i say; you always get the most expressive comments. Your print too, has the sense of nesting, of seed, of womb. the lines of it now, the energy in them, they are like the lines of the dna of a hair too--of a passage, an encoding, a journey of making from that encoding--

    circles of protection
    circles broken but strong
    what is a line, what is a hair line, a hair fracture?
    What is the space holding, holding open or waiting to bring to witness? Intuitive weavings, all;?

  8. thanks so much, Uschi! i wish i could hear you say tohuwabohu. :)).

    Chuver, it misses you too. come visit. but don't stay for too long. ahah.

    hi Jean, thank you for visiting here. :).

    A, i wish you would have a blog too so i can see what you've been up to. i just gave myself a boyshort haircut so i got more hair in my collection. yuck and yay.

    eww, Cat. i hate seeing fallen hair on the floor. you need to sweep. you got beautiful hair though. want a short short haircut before you take off to Asia? j.k. :).

    thanks Paula! this is just a rough proof. i've been having trouble wiping plates so not even thinking about editioning right now. although i don't really care for doing any editioned work. there are so many things to try out with each plate and printing.
    i wonder what you're doing with your house that you gotta wait til fall. that's a long time. but will be here before you know it too.

    Mansuetude, yes...of nesting, of seed, of womb...i love how you have the three words together. thank you for giving me what i was not fully conscious of. and yeah, what is a hair line and all...i want to make a book of them but the pages are not coming right... :\.