Wednesday, February 2, 2011

seeds and lace

happy new year! rabbit rabbit.


  1. Glad to see you posting again and Happy New Year to you!
    I love seeds and your new work :-)

  2. Hello happy new year..wish you alot of ideas in the rabbit year.

    I'm intrigued by the third's like a face.

    Your seeds with the pink thread is very delicate it's also the opposite of your work before this.I like them both!

  3. hi dajo. I actually like those pieces of artwork. nice and naturey.

  4. Here's the Year of the Rabbit being good for all. Hip! Hip! New Year!

  5. Your crochet/seed-thingemy is lovely. Homegrown.
    How strange nature is. No 2 and 3 could be the husks of prehistoric animals, about to spring back into life. I am sometimes jealous of nature, coming up with all these amazing shapes. My imagination seems so limited then.
    What does the sign of the rabbit mean for us?

  6. hi hi! thank you you guys for being here :).

    so i looked up this year of the rabbit for us and here is what i gathered-
    as it is generally associated with home and family, artistic pursuits, and peaceful interactions, i am guessing this is going to be a good year for us. there will be less inner turmoil, more focus on family and conflict resolution, and some intense involvement in collaborative work that will prove to be very rewarding. and of course, getting further along with our own artmaking and creative endeavors.

    yeah. that sounds about right. :).